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INTEGRATE: Physical & Cognitive Function

Method: MNRI Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration (1 hour 30 minutes)

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 220 Australian dollars
  • Raglan Street|Nature Care Health, St Leonards

Service Description

Method: MNRI Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration (1 hour 30 minutes) Our every movement, thought, speech and brain processes developed from our primary reflexes. From there more sophisticated movement sequences evolved stimulating new neurological pathways which led to higher executive and cognitive function. Unfortunately anywhere along the way this process can be disrupted by external or internal stressors, like illness, physical or emotional trauma, biochemistry, pathogens, toxicity, etc and lead to dysfunction. Children and adults may present with retained primary reflexes and experience frustration. This could be holding them back from achieving their full potential and living joyfully. Retained or unintegrated primary reflexes can manifest in many ways: There could be behavioural issues like irritability, an inability to regulate emotionally, mood swings like sadness, fear or anger or lack of empathy for example. Or find it difficult to learn, concentrate, communicate, follow instructions, organise, engage working memory, processing speed, etc. The challenges could also be physical, like poor posture, fine and gross motor skills, balance, strength or coordination. These can all lead to learning difficulties, great frustration and low self esteem.  Please forward detailed information and I'll contact you prior to your appointment. Comfortable clothing like active wear and socks recommended.

Contact Details

  • Raglan St, Mosman NSW, Australia

  • Nature Care Health, Chandos Street, St Leonards NSW, Australia

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