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Women, Kids and Teens

"I had been on a healing journey for a little while before I met Veronica and seen many people along the way trying to manage old traumas and my current health issue.  But this time was different, as soon as I arrived I felt at ease, Veronica’s energy and calming soul made me feel very relaxed and in a safe environment. I felt very comfortable with Veronica and my sessions have been incredible, not only leaving feeling lighter and relaxed but able to manage things much better! I felt clearer and more in control … the surroundings, the atmosphere, the smells and Veronica’s knowledge and healing hands I highly recommend!"

Emma, Fairlight

My son (14) has been working with Veronica for a few months integrating reflexes through the MNRI method. In this short time we have seen many gains that have improved his quality of life. My son is more regulated, engaged, calm and he has improved socially. He’s even giving basketball a go which is a huge gain. Veronica has also empowered me to help him by teaching me MNRI exercises that we can do at home. Veronica is a dedicated therapist who has been a wonderful support to my son and myself. 

Cathy, Neutral Bay

"...I loved my treatment and really benefited from the experience. I left on a high with a noticeable increase in energy and vitality. It was like I had a boost of adrenaline. Something I’ve missed since my diagnosis.

I also noticed my sore joints improved over the next few days. I’ve got a bad left hip which often results in referred leg pain. Since my treatment my pain eased and I’ve been ok over the past few days."

Sarah, Frenchs Forest

"Veronica’s calm nature and beautiful soul combined with her healing hands was fundamental in guiding our 7yr old daughter through some emotional challenges. The difference was notable from the first session and she enjoyed it so much she asked to go back!"

Loving Dad, Sydney


"I had a wonderful session with Veronica. I can’t really explain what happened but I felt as if I had left my body. The sensation of peace and lightness afterwards was incredible plus I had very bad neck pain which it helped me to relax and ease the pain. I have been doing a lot of different healing modalities but never felt anything like this. Worth trying for yourself. Highly recommended! Thanks Veronica for your amazing way to take us in a beautiful journey of healing, lightness and peace."  

Viviane, Collaroy

"I was privileged to experience a session yesterday with Veronica - quite profound in many ways as her treatment room is on the street I used to live at many many moons ago. During the very relaxing session I felt an energy leave my right foot. I had an immediate “knowing”as to what it was. Trauma I had worked on using many modalities was now exiting my cellular memory from all those years ago. I was called full circle for my temple body to release the trauma with Veronica’s capable guidance. I feel wonderfully safe in my skin as a result of this powerful treatment." 

Michelle, Sydney

What an amazing treatment! I did not know what to expect from my session as I had not heard of Access Bars before, but it exceeded all expectations. The treatment was so subtle, yet so powerful. It cleared all stored density which my body has acquired over the years, leaving me feeling so much lighter and clear. Veronica provides a beautiful, safe space in order to let go and move into a blissful state. I truly believe anyone can benefit from receiving this treatment."  

Annalyse, Frenchs Forest


"During my cancer treatment (chemotherapy and immunotherapy) I saw Veronica every 2 weeks to boost my energy and help with the fatigue side effects. And emotionally help me feel calm and clear my mind.


I will never forget my very first session, it was after the first hardcore chemo on Day 5 and I was feeling zapped. Following the 90 minute appointment with Veronica I felt a surge of energy as I was driving home, I was so happy and singing with joy.


Similarly, I received my second session just before some important treatment related test results were due which was causing added stress and keeping me up at night. After that this appointment with Veronica I recall feeling so light and at peace.


Veronica has a magical and healing touch. She was a key member of my cancer recovery team."

Vanessa, Frenchs Forest

My 7 year old daughter had been waking up in the middle of the night for about a week screaming and shaking, we think it was an anxiety attack. After one session with Veronica she was able to help her regulate emotionally and identify the underlying trauma triggering these episodes at night. My daughter had three sessions overall and it has been a year since that last incident. She absolutely loved going to see Veronica She finds her calming, soothing… and loved all her crystals!

Loving Mum, Sydney

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"Veronica chose an ideal spot to have my first Access Bars session ( CLEAR ) under a Sally Wattle tree on a magnificent summer's day. The session was very  relaxing as Veronica gently touched points around my head. The gold with this technique is the removal of the cognitive bias we are raised with or develop through our life experiences. I'm very left brain orientated and could feel under Veronica's touch activity in that area. It didn't cause alarm just a sense the brain was re-shuffling somewhat. After our session I felt light and had a head that was less encumbered. I felt motivated in the area of creativity which isn't a natural inclination for me. The effects are lasting to this day, 4 months later. Access Bars is a unique therapy, an opportunity for your brain to off load, to clean out junk without talking or even thinking. Highly recommend!"  


Alexandra, Robertson

"Veronica is a gifted healer with beautiful healing hands. It was my first time experiencing the Access Bars technique (CLEAR) and it was divinely restorative... This powerful, gentle, comforting healing created space for my heart and mind to feel totally balanced. As Veronica gently pressed points around my head I was completely lulled into state of deep blissful relaxation and harmony, I could feel healing taking place as higher states of consciousness were accessed. Veronica is a beautiful soul who deeply cares for her clients and I can’t wait for my next treatment, I feel amazing!"

Justine, Warriewood

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