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About me

Supporting my son through developmental challenges brought about the need to immerse myself in research and switch career paths over 11 years ago. Now, well versed in health, child development, neuroplasticity, primary reflexes, trauma and the nervous system, I'm qualified in the evidence based Masgutova Method - MNRI (Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration) and hold qualifications in the following MNRI Program Techniques: Neuro Tactile Integration, Postural and Dynamic Reflex Integration, Archetype Movements, Lifelong Reflex Integration, Basal Ganglia and Visual & Auditory Reflex Integration.


Along with Quantum Reflex Integration (QRI Low Level Laser), the Access Bars Technique and Applied Polyvagal Theory for Trauma Recovery through Therapeutic Yoga.

The MNRI modality is a specialised but gentle method that centres its treatment around retained or unintegrated primary reflexes that can interfere with many aspects of learning, development, behaviour, physical movement, cognitive function and every day life.  These reflexes can be integrated through manual techniques, which connect or repair nerve nets, to allow rapid and efficient transmission of impulses along nerve cells. Multiple factors like illness, toxicity, stress, physical or emotional trauma, childbirth, nutritional deficiencies or lack of movement can prevent the timely integration of these reflex patterns at the normal developmental stage in infancy and equally at any stage in life.

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How I can help

Nervous System Regulation

Stress and Emotional Resilience

Mental Clarity + Limiting Beliefs

Primary Reflex Integration

Sensory-Motor Processing

Attention and Behavioural Challenges

Developmental Challenges

Cancer and Trauma Support

Over time, in addition to working with kids and teens, my practice has evolved to include women of all different stages and ages who have come to me seeking emotional, cognitive and physical support.  More recently I also found my combination of methodologies to be very helpful in supporting women with cancer.

I believe in a holistic approach to health and child development. I'm a passionate advocate for good nutrition, hydration, clean living (low tox), time spent outdoors, earthing/grounding, the healing power of nature, the importance of movement, music and nourishing the soul.


I'm committed to inspiring and educating my clients, sharing knowledge and tools so they feel empowered to support their individual healing process and their children, and experience life to their fullest potential.

This is an invitation to TREAT your BODY AND MIND to one of the below restorative experiences.


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