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MNRI: The Masgutova Method

MNRI stands for Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration and it is a comprehensive set of manual techniques and range of programs developed by Dr Svetlana Masgutova at her Institute in Poland. However, we first experience the method in Australia in the beach town of Anglesea along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

It was here that our son took part in the 5 day long MNRI family conference and the experience was most transformative, the dramatic developmental changes observed following the 5 days far exceeded gains made in 5 years of weekly speech and occupational therapy. We witnessed the emergence of new language, fine and gross motor skills, better balance, coordination, confidence and a wonderful sense of humour. Our son blossomed literally and we dropped all other therapies to focus our time and resources on MNRI alone. We followed a Home Program, worked with MNRI practitioners, attended MNRI Family Conferences and continued to see phenomenal progress.


Unlike other therapies the Masgutova Method works at a subcortical brain level to integrate retained primary reflex patterns and strengthen sensory and motor connections which are the foundation of everything we do including speech and cognition. It facilitates the maturation and integration of these neurological pathways into the autonomic nervous system for support. Without this we are left with compensations and overtime these will lead to physical, emotional and mental stress, frustration and exhaustion which can lead to, or present as, behavioural challenges.


This 'bottom up' approach to therapy builds the subcortical foundation for stability and strengthens the nervous system, it improves stress resilience and neuroplasticity and for this reason MNRI works with everybody regardless of age, diagnosis or dysfunction. It will address any minor physical, behavioural or emotional concerns, learning, developmental or speech delays, recovery from injury, surgery or a trauma. The Masgutova Method will reconnect the neurology at the subcortical level and facilitate a return to its foundation for support. 

Along this coastline, several years later, in gratitude for Dr Svetlana and her team of MNRI therapists, I felt called to accept their invitation and further my studies. I became qualified in this methodology and today I provide support to children, adults and families in Sydney. I believe we are all capable of tremendous healing and living life to our fullest potential. Lets set those coordinates together and head in that direction from a place of love and open to possibilities. 



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