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CLEAR: Mental Clarity

Method: Access Bars (90 minutes)

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 220 Australian dollars
  • Raglan Street|Nature Care Health, St Leonards

Service Description

A tranquil and clearing experience perfect for busy brains in need of a break. ​You may be having trouble ‘switching off’ and feel overwhelmed by the mental chatter which can compromise our ability to think clearly, learn or listen to our intuition and make sound decisions. This contributes to stress, affecting our sleep and our health given the mind-body connection. ​ This constant stream of thought, feelings, memories, beliefs and points of view have been acquired and programmed from birth through to adulthood. Many don't even belong to us yet they are stored as dense energy in our bodies, causing stress and holding us back. ​Through the Access Bars process we are able to dissipate these energetic blocks by gently working on 32 points around the head.  ​You will experience a blissful state similar to a long deep meditation, gain clarity, feel lighter and more positive... "What else is possible?"  ​Studies have found Access Bars significantly reduce the severity of anxiety and depression symptoms. Brainwave measurements taken before and after a 90 minute Access Bars session showed an increase in brain coherence across all participants which is associated with optimal communication between both brain hemispheres. This appointment is 90 minutes long. You will be on a massage table for the duration, please wear comfortable clothing and socks.

Contact Details

  • Raglan St, Mosman NSW, Australia

  • Nature Care Health, Chandos Street, St Leonards NSW, Australia

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