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I'd like to invite you to close your eyes and take three deep belly breaths... TREAT your BODY and MIND to this moment.

Are you on a healing journey or simply seeking a little peace and deep relaxation? Perhaps you have already tried other treatments and forms of therapy to address your concerns but you're still not feeling your fabulous self and this is holding you back from enjoying life to its fullest expression.

Alternatively you might be here for your child, searching for answers, support and effective holistic therapies to help overcome challenges. You love your child, you want to unlock their potential and see them thriving in all areas of life, at home, in school academically and socially growing in confidence and resilience while developing a strong sense of self and healthy boundaries.

If you find yourself in any of these situations please know first and foremost: CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. Our body and brain are wired to HEAL when nourished and adequately stimulated and supported.


I'm Veronica and I'm here to gently guide you, or your child, through a process of healing and transformation through developmental and trauma informed Holistic Bodywork and Manual Therapies which regulate the Nervous System in order to release stress and rewire neurology for greater resilience, potential and JOY.


I have had the opportunity to support women, kids and teens in the following areas:

Stress and Emotional Resilience

Nervous System Regulation

Mental Clarity and Limiting Beliefs

Primitive/Primary Reflex Integration

Sensory Motor Processing

Attention and Behavioural Challenges

Physical, Cognitive + Developmental Challenges

Neurological Dysfunction + Neuroplasticity

Support Pre and Post Surgery Recovery

Cancer and Trauma Support

Support for Mum + Bub Post Childbirth

I'm in Sydney and work from Mosman and Frenchs Forest. Please select location preference when booking your appointment.

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This is an invitation to TREAT your BODY AND MIND
See below for treatments, the one that resonates the most is for you. 

CLEAR: Mental Clarity, The Subconscious Mind + Limiting Beliefs

A tranquil and clearing experience perfect for busy brains in need of a break.

You may be having trouble ‘switching off’ and feel overwhelmed by the mental chatter which can compromise our ability to think clearly, learn or listen to our intuition and make sound decisions. This contributes to stress, affecting our sleep and health given body-mind connection.


The subconscious mind informs our every decision, this programming feeds limiting beliefs about ourselves, our ability and potential.

Through this process you will be able to let go, experience a blissful state, feel lighter, peaceful, gain focus and clarity, inspiration, feel more positive and be open to new possibilities.


Method: Access Bars (90 minutes)

RESTORE: Nervous System Regulation Less Stress + More Resilience

gentle restorative technique which supports emotional regulation and builds stress resilience. Highly comforting if you’re experiencing feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, frustration, irritability, fear, depression, poor sleep, mental fog, low energy or simply not feeling your best.


You will experience deep relaxation a new sense of calm, reconnected with your body and feel rejuvenated. You will enjoy more emotional resilience, think and communicate clearly.


Physically, it can provide pain relief, improve sleep, mobility, stimulate human growth hormones, support the lymphatic system, detoxification and release energy for healing so you can feel your joyous fabulous self again.

MNRI: Masgutova Method

(90 minutes) 

Physical + Cognitive Function


Retained or unintegrated primary reflexes can manifest in many ways: There could be sensory or behavioural issues, inability to regulate emotionally, mood swings, sadness, apathy fear, anger or lack of empathy for example. It might be difficult to sit still, concentrate, learn, communicate, follow instructions, organise, engage working memory or processing speed.


The challenges could also be physical, like poor posture, balance, strength and coordination, poor fine motor or gross motor skills, difficulties motor planning. These can lead to learning difficulties or frustration, irritation and low self esteem. It's possible to overcome these through the integration of primary reflexes and unlock our full potential.


MNRI: Masgutova Method (90 minutes)

Pressure Points


"I had been on a healing journey for a little while before I met Veronica and seen many people along the way trying to manage old traumas and my current health issue.  But this time was different, as soon as I arrived I felt at ease, Veronica’s energy and calming soul made me feel very relaxed and in a safe environment. I felt very comfortable with Veronica and my sessions have been incredible, not only leaving feeling lighter and relaxed but able to manage things much better! I felt clearer and more in control … the surroundings, the atmosphere, the smells and Veronica’s knowledge and healing hands I highly recommend!"

Emma, Fairlight

"...I loved my RESTORE treatment and really benefited from the experience. I left on a high with a noticeable increase in energy and vitality. It was like I had a boost of adrenaline. Something I’ve missed since my diagnosis. I also noticed my sore joints improved over the next few days. I’ve got a bad left hip which often results in referred leg pain. Since my treatment my pain eased and I’ve been ok over the past few days."

Sarah, Frenchs Forest

My son (14) has been working with Veronica for a few months integrating reflexes through the MNRI method. In this short time we have seen many gains that have improved his quality of life. My son is more regulated, engaged, calm and he has improved socially. He’s even giving basketball a go which is a huge gain. Veronica has also empowered me to help him by teaching me MNRI exercises that we can do at home. Veronica is a dedicated therapist who has been a wonderful support to my son and myself. 

Cathy, Neutral Bay

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